During this course 2018 – 2019 our school is participating in an international eTwinning project together with other three European schools in Croatia, Portugal and Italy. The class in charge of sharing the materials with the other schools is group 1C from the course of Technician in Restaurant Services.


The project aims to explore fish in Mediterranean region, its importance to human race as a rich nutrition source. Ecological impact to fish species in different Mediterranean regions will be considered, too. We will include the Atlantic Ocean because of geographical position of Portugal. Since fish is an integral part of the state economy, we will analyse it focusing on its nutritive, geographical, ecological, gastronomical and historical points of view. Analysing these aspects, we can compare differences and similarities between most common sea fish species in every country involved in our project.


To become aware of the term “internet safety” and improve ICT skills.

To use internet in order to find reliable source of information.

To stimulate the students’ interest in " sea fish”.

To awake an interest to explore most common fish species in different parts of Mediterranean.

To develop awareness about the importance of regular consumption of fish regarding the main principals of nutrition.

To develop students’ skills in the area of fish gastronomy across Europe.

To explore the influence of climate changes on sea fauna (fish) in different parts of the Mediterranean, bringing light to fish onto species migration in the Mediterranean.

To find out the ecological impact of new species entering the ecosystem where they have no natural enemy and its economy impact on people living in the coastal area.

To discover historical monuments in every country in the regions near the sea boarders (Italy, Croatia and Spain, Catalonia area), in the regions near the Atlantic Ocean boarder (Portugal)

To describe how the sea influences the climate of a place near the shores.

To help promote language learning and be aware of linguistic and cultural diversity at secondary school level across Europe.



PROJECT: MIND YOUR DIET, course 2017 - 2018