Signature Dishes Menu


Spring broth with pumpkin and pea air ( Albert Sastregener)  


Cold Starters

Mint, pig’s trotter, Iberian ham and broad beans salad  (Josep Mercader 

Tomato velouté, bread crumbs and prawns  ( Carme Ruscalleda )    


Warm Starters

Scorpion fish pie with squid ink mayonnaise (Juan Maria Arzak    

Crusty rice on the side with cuttlefish ( Quique Dacosta)       



Salt cod fish (Pedro Subijana)   

Red mullet with mosaic of stewed vegetables (Joan Roca)  



Veal shank (Santi Santamaria) with potato purée (Joël Robuchon)   

Roasted pork rib with cheek ravioli and vegetables ( Martín Berasategui)   soja-3.png sèsam



Pink panther (Jordi Cruz)    

Apple tatin with toffee and vanilla (Version EHTG by Jordi Puigvert)     




Coulant with cocoa sauce and mandarine (Michel Bras)   


Strawberry and hazelnut stuffed puff pastry  (Pierre Hermé)   


Petits fours


Pâte de fruits

Chinese flan 

Chocolate bombon