Signature Dishes Menu – School ex students chefs

Menu based on dishes created by recognised chefs who are former students of our school


Pea guacamole (Carme Picas) 

Girona Excel·lent cold appetizer (Pep Nogué)


Cold starters

Marinated sardines with citrus and fennel (LLuc Quintana) 

Macherel with anchovy vinaigrette (Carme Picas)   


Warm starters

Potatoes with perol pork sausage (Marc Gascons)

Meat rice (Albert Sastregener)



Baked monkfish "Cim i tomba" with potato and allioli garlic sauce (Xevi Lorès)

Fish stew (Pere Massana)    



Sweetbread-stuffed lamb's neck with duxelle fritter (Jordi Juncà)

Roast chicken with spring onions and romesco sauce (Miquel Villacrosa)



Aquí hi ha marro (Carme Picas)  

Lemon cloud (Jordi Roca)  



Panacotta (Jordi Juncà)    

Choco addict (Jordi Puigvert)