Information "program ERASMUS + for the year 2019

The Department of Education, with the aim of incorporating the European dimension into professional education, and improving the professional competencies of its students and teaching staff, bringing it closer to the socio-economic reality of other countries, considers it appropriate to carry out actions that allow them to take training stays in foreign companies or entities.

The objectives of this initiative are the following:

Work all or part of the Workplace Training Module (FCT) in a company from another country.

Improve technical training and key skills by staying in a company abroad.

To perfect the linguistic knowledge. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of the country where the stay is made.

To favor the European projection of the educational centers assigned to the General Direction of Initial Professional Training and Specialized Education, of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Promote and promote stable bonds of mutual cooperation between Catalan and other training organizations to promote the exchange of experiences, as well as participation in other joint educational projects.