EHTG, more than 50 years training professionals


In today's society, the culture of leisure, travel, means of transportation and accommodation, gastronomy and wines, knowledge of other cultures and other lifestyles are fully integrated into our habits. In short, they represent a more pleasurable and enriching way of life culturally and personally.

Currently, the tourism and hospitality industry in our country is one of the first sectors of the economy that generates a revenue in turnover that the state cannot ignore, mainly because of its economic and labor representations, and the importance of the number of jobs that take care of.

Our Center has 50 years of experience in training in hospitality and tourism, specializing in all the subsectors of the hotel and tourism industry, and the school is the undisputed reference for those people who want to become professionals in this sector.

This training gives you the skills you need to work in an industry that is based on human relationships and that requires customer attitudes that help them discover a world of emotions, well-being and happiness.

With all this, we present our Mission, Vision and Values:

The Mission

The mission of the Girona School of Hospitality and Tourism is to make available to the people the knowledge needed to gain the skills and professional attitudes that allow them to enter the work world.

The ultimate goal of the School's activity, throughout its trajectory, has been and is to train active, committed people with the values ​​inherent in human and professional relationships. Families, businesses and society are also part of the development and goals of our center.

The Vision

We want to be a School of reference in the Girona region and throughout Catalonia, recognized socially and professionally, for our history and quality as a training center in the hospitality and tourism sector. In order to reach it, we will involve institutions, students, families, entrepreneurs and the entire team at the center.

The values

  • Respect for people, ideologies and freedom.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Responsibility and professionalism of the center's team in their daily tasks.
  • Transmission of the culture of the effort for continuous improvement.

The Management Team, the Faculty and Administration and Services Staff, welcome you to the Girona School of Hospitality and Tourism Institute and invite you to travel through our website.

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