Signature Dishes Menu – School ex students chefs

Menu based on dishes created by recognised chefs who are former students of our school


Poultry parfait bombon with ratafia jelly 

Manchego cheese mini airbag with hazelnut powder 


Cold starters

Crustacean cold broth with rice spaguetti (Pere Planagumà) 

Tomato and pickles coca bread, grilled sardines and almonds (Xavier Franco)   


Warm starters

Potatoes with perol pork sausage (Marc Gascons)

Squid nigiri (Albert Sastregener)



Red mullet with fish stew (Xevi Lorès)

Baby monkfish with roasted vegetables, dried apricots and fortified wine (Carme Picas)    



Oxtail with Empordà garnatxa sweet wine (Jordi Juncà)

Stewed lamb with artichokes and snails (Xixo Castaño)



Aquí hi ha marro (Carme Picas)  

Lemon cloud (Jordi Roca)  



Panacotta (Jordi Juncà)    

Choco addict (Jordi Puigvert)