Et voilà!

Le Bistrot est arrivé a l’EHTG!

A bistro (or bistro) is a small popular establishment in France, where alcoholic beverages, coffee, cheeses and other beverages are served. They can also be restaurants of meals at cheap prices.

The traditional bistro was simply a task, a tavern or a local in Paris, which served above all wine. It was a popular place, which often did not enjoy very good fame.  Throughout the 20th century, tourism turned it into a point of reference in the Parisian way of life.

The French bistro does not have a defined style of food yet, due to its working and popular origin, it has always served traditional dishes, made with fresh and healthy foods.

The bistro menu, like its decoration, has been renewed to become often elegant, due to the rise of traditional and regional food.

At EHTG we wanted to recover this model, adapting it to the new times! The waiter prepares dishes with ingredients from our Mediterranean cuisine to offer the client that he does not have so much time to eat but he likes to enjoy the good product and is a great lover of gastronomy.